Escola Americana de Vitória (EAV), recognized as an Apple Distinguished School, is the only one in Espírito Santo that offers the true international education. EAV was established in 2018, and its project-based methodology is connected to international curricula used in various countries. Thus, EAV students are prepared to study at any school and university in Brazil and worldwide.

Since 2020, EAV has been part of one of the largest business groups in the state, the Grupo Buaiz. Therefore, it carries tradition, innovation, entrepreneurship, and credibility in its DNA, all distinctive characteristics of the Capixaba economic group.


Here, English is taught through immersion to all students in all divisions from the first day of school, making fluency in the language a reality in our school community.

Students have access to excellent facilities, including modern classrooms, computer-equipped Apple labs, a library, a maker space, art and music rooms, a multipurpose space, a cafeteria, and communal areas. The school also provides sports facilities. In partnership with Clube Álvares Cabral, students can access a soccer field, tennis court, swimming pool, sports courts, and a gymnasium.

At EAV, our mission is to inspire and motivate students in the pursuit of excellence in academic and personal development. We shape not just students but future leaders. We shape protagonists!


International Curriculum

The pedagogical methodology of EAV is based on international curricula that bring innovative approaches to everyday school life, engaging students in all stages of learning and putting them in the driver’s seat. This approach encourages collaboration, entrepreneurship, autonomy, self-management, critical thinking, and communication.

The school guides all its transdisciplinary projects through the pillars of innovation, protagonism, relationship, wellness, sustainability, collaboration, and respect.

The goal is to integrate classroom learning with the real world, preparing citizens to thrive in an increasingly interconnected world where the professions of the future are still unknown. EAV also focuses on the socio-emotional development of students, fostering self-discovery and emotional intelligence.

To help clarify any questions about the international curriculum, here are some of the key questions on the subject.


(Ages 1 year and 4 months to 5 years)

In 2024, we have exciting news: children from 1 year and 4 months onwards can now be part of EAV’s Preschool Education. This change is due to the community’s demand for a differentiated education from the earliest years of their children’s lives!

Just like in other divisions, the pedagogical proposal is based on projects and international curricula.

From the earliest grades, students are immersed in the English language, with our teaching based on the International Early Years Curriculum (IEYC) from Fieldwork Education. Fieldwork Education is an organization composed of international education experts that provides curricula for schools worldwide.

Another highlight at EAV is the support provided, which is crucial in all age groups, especially in the early school years. Here at EAV, students receive all the support, care, and attention from pedagogical teams, always respecting each child’s individuality.

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Elementary & Middle School

(Ages 5 to 11)

In the Elementary School of EAV, one of the international curricula used is the International Primary Curriculum (IPC) from Fieldwork Education. It encourages the holistic development of students and sets specific learning objectives: personal, international, and subject-specific.

The practices in IPC propose that students, being true protagonists of the educational process, prepare themselves for current and future opportunities and challenges.

In addition to IPC, EAV adopts other international curricula in Elementary & Middle School, such as Eureka Math for Mathematics classes, Units of Study for English classes, and Flex Curriculum for Art classes.

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High School

The High School at EAV corresponds to the High School level in the United States, which is advantageous for those who want to study abroad during this period or wish to attend an international university.

For those who want to stay in Brazil, EAV remains an excellent option because it meets all the requirements of the Brazilian Ministry of Education (MEC), preparing students to enter any Brazilian university.

In addition to mandatory subjects, the pedagogical curriculum includes elective courses and educational pathways. Educational pathways are the flexible part of the BNCC curriculum. They are offered as subjects that allow students to deepen their knowledge in areas of interest and prepare them for the world of work.

Education that empowers, knowledge that transforms, and excellence that leads students down the path they choose.

To help clarify any questions about EAV’s High School, here are some of the key questions on the subject.


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