Apple Distinguished School

EAV is pleased to announce that it is now recognized as an Apple Distinguished School for 2023-2026 years for inspiring, imagining, and impacting teaching and learning in middle and high school through continuous innovation.

Apple Distinguished Schools are recognized as some of the most innovative in the world. We are now part of an exclusive group of schools worldwide that are recognized as an Apple Distinguished School, the only one in ES.

This recognition enables EAV to connect with other Apple Distinguished Schools in the world in order to foster an even higher quality learning culture in our community.

Escola Americana de Vitória motivates students towards academic and personal excellence through the pillars of sustainability, innovation, well-being, relationships, protagonism, collaboration and respect. We use technology to facilitate autonomous and interdisciplinary learning experiences that inspire the best versions of our students.

Fostering a growth mindset and culture of innovation in schools with Apple technology empowers teachers and students enhancing learning opportunities through personalized approaches, effective communication and collaboration, leading to a more engaged and successful learning environment.

The student learning experience at EAV has been transformed by the use of Apple technology. To create interesting podcasts and videos, they use GarageBand and iMovie and develop applications in their computer classes, allowing them to explore their interests, develop skills and express themselves in innovative ways.

By using things like iMovie, Pages, and Keynote, students are able to collaborate more efficiently on class projects and presentations, which fosters teamwork and helps them become better communicators.

Our students use MacBooks and Apple apps in our classrooms to create projects, making learning more engaging and personalized.

At EAV, we prioritize research-based approaches to improve teaching and learning, including staff, student, and community surveys.

As a result, 88% of our students have reported that the Apple program has helped them develop more creative school projects, while 72% of our teachers have found that the program has made learning more dynamic and engaging. These improvements have led to increased interest and engagement from our students in their classes, better research skills, and improved learning. We are now better able to meet our school demands and facilitate collaboration among teachers and students to achieve our institutional goals.

We are excited to leverage Apple products to enhance our curriculum and promote ethical and innovative use of technology among our students and staff. We are also looking forward to fostering collaborations with community and partners to aid in the accomplishment of our pedagogical projects. As we expand our 1:1 device program in the coming years, we believe that our students and educators will have even more opportunities to maximize their creative potential.

Faça parte da instituição mais inovadora do Espírito Santo